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About Us

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The Restaurant

Tenen Restaurant is proudly serving traditional Eastern European homemade food. Specializing in Serbian cuisine.

Tenen Restaurant had been founded in September of 2015 by two childhood friends Sasha Mirkovic and Goran Radjenovic.

They have been born and raised in little town Knin, shared a student dorm room in Belgrade and ultimately life paths brought them to Vancouver, where the idea to open up a restaurant that will represent their culture, tradition and heritage , was born.
Their hometown Knin dates back to Roman Empire and first time it was mentioned in history books it was with name Tenen.

And that’s how the restaurant got it’s name.

Sasha had completed hospitality school in Knin and has worked in industry for over 25 years, and combined with Goran’s rich entrepreneurial and educational experience they are making a team that’s dedicated to bring you the best  possible experience enjoying our tasty dishes and cozy atmosphere.

Our Kitchen

Serbian food is the traditional cuisine of Serbia, sharing characteristics with the rest

of the Balkan nations (especially former Yugoslavia). Historically, Serbian food is characterized by a mixture of Byzantine–Greek, Mediterranean, Turkish–Oriental and cuisine of Austro–Hungarian Empire, as well as medieval Slavic influences.

We are proudly serving traditional Eastern-European food from Balkan region. Old recipes combined with authentic and unique ambiance is guaranteed to take you on a culinary and cultural trip through Balkans.

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